Anna – Science Phd student

I’ve had a lot of anxiety around giving presentations for a long time, and so being asked to give a 45-minute talk to a lecture theatre full of scientists was daunting to say the least! I was extremely grateful to have been put in touch with Kate in the lead up to the talk. From our initial meeting, she was warm and supportive, and together we talked about working towards finding a way to enjoy giving the presentation. We had a couple of coaching sessions, and Kate provided a structured and supportive environment to work on all aspects of the talk, from relaxation and vocal warmup, to voice projection, body language and how to really engage with the audience. Kate was brilliant at being encouraging, and also clear about the things that I needed to work on. The presentation went really well in the end, and the coaching had a lot to do with that. I even started to enjoy it at the end!

Huge thanks Kate.