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Such is the influence that Angela Peters will have on you. An inspiring and motivating woman that radiates Melinda Lee Harvey positivity. She helped me believe in myself and taught me that I can aspire to great things – things bigger than my body represents, bigger than the town I live in and a lot more than my heart could imagine. It is through her non-judgemental and humble approach to life that she leads by an example you want to follow… I did. Through work and personal challenges, Angie guided me, but let me make the decisions for myself, and to trust my own choices. She has a gift to be able to teach, coach, guide and lead… as well as a genuine love of helping people.

Melinda Lee Harvey, Business Manager, Global jet-setter

Thank you so much for helping me get clarification on my personal presentation style, direction to build my website and present myself to different public and confidence while I’m talking to people. After one session with you, I feel I know myself better and I really like myself more and more. I now understand that it is not about speaking as I thought people expect me to speak, but to just be myself and show that I love what I do. And from my practice I know it is impossible to truly love yourself if you don’t know who you are. So, thank you, again, for bringing to the surface a part of me, that I never knew existed.

Katarina – holistic wellbeing coach and artist

I’ve had a lot of anxiety around giving presentations for a long time, and so being asked to give a 45-minute talk to a lecture theatre full of scientists was daunting to say the least! I was extremely grateful to have been put in touch with Kate in the lead up to the talk. From our initial meeting, she was warm and supportive, and together we talked about working towards finding a way to enjoy giving the presentation. We had a couple of coaching sessions, and Kate provided a structured and supportive environment to work on all aspects of the talk, from relaxation and vocal warmup, to voice projection, body language and how to really engage with the audience. Kate was brilliant at being encouraging, and also clear about the things that I needed to work on. The presentation went really well in the end, and the coaching had a lot to do with that. I even started to enjoy it at the end!

Huge thanks Kate.

Anna – Science Phd student

“If you’re looking for help with improving your presentation skills, I can’t recommend Kate Gilbert highly enough! She has a really holistic approach, which encompasses everything from developing a structure and creating engaging content through to meditation, voice and body language. She has a lovely manner and really puts her clients at ease.”

Julia – female PR, Mum and entrepreneur